This has been the perfect preschool setting for my son.  The preschool team show genuine interest in every child and can always provide specific examples of what a child has done during their session.  The support they provide to both children and parents is excellent. 

The free flow layout is fantastic for allowing children to play and learn in the best way for them and I have found the smaller setting invaluable in teaching my son to share and interact with other children.

North Wilts

​What this small pre-school does for children is nothing short of amazing.  The staff build the children’s confidence ready for school and prepare them with letters and sounds, creative drawing and communication skills to name a few.  You will be delighted how much your children will grow and thrive here.

Caring, nurturing and fun while teaching good manners and respect are just a few of the many wonderful attributes of this pre-school.  Please don’t be put off by the outside space, it is a mud kitchen, dinosaur land, a beach, an office, a garden or whatever else your child wants it to be.  The imagination is invited to run wild out there.

Throughout the year there are trips to be taken, walks to the park, fundraising events and some parent socials too.  You must bring your children and let them experience it themselves and meet the staff and children, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


​My daughter has attended preschool at Ashton Keynes since she was 2.5 years and absolutely loves it. We chose AK preschool even though it was not our most local, but because it felt a calm, welcoming safe environment for our daughter who is quiet and shy. She enjoys every single day there and cannot wait to go. The staff are amazing and know each child so well. The activities are exciting and child led. The staff are incredible at creating fantastic learning opportunities for the children by creating activities that engage the children’s interest.

I feel that my daughter is given so many exciting opportunities at the preschool and will be prepared and ready for school in September, fortunately though it will not be goodbye to AK preschool for me as my son will be starting too.