Weekly Newsletter – 8th October 2021

Dear parents/carers

The children have loved making their wormery this week checking in on it regularly to look at the worms more closely.

They have also really been enjoying playing with the cars this term, we have been using the pipes to make paths, tunnels and ramps involving lots of planning, making changes and talking to each other sharing their ideas, we then measured how far the cars traveled recording our results and used the chalks to draw our own road track.

Next week we will be turning our home corner into a shop and encouraging the children to make up prices using numbers to label items, writing shopping lists and of course having lots of fun playing together. If you have any empty tubs etc we could use in our shop or real items such as vegetables we would really appreciate any donations to keep our shop well stocked!

We will be looking at autumn more closely and going out for some lovely walks next week to see what changes we can see around us.

In our small groups we will be focusing on numbers and matching numbers to quantity. We do adapt each activity to suit every child so please don’t ever worry if you think activities may not sound right for your child, for example we may sing a number song which all the children will enjoy and just this will be appropriate for some, we will provide the numerals which some children will be starting to recognise and if able we will ask some children to match the numeral to the correct quantity so there is something to support all the children whilst having lots of fun!

Thank you all so much for all your continued support including adding items to the snack basket and we have also received some fantastic donations off of our amazon wish list, this all really helps the preschool and gives your children that bit extra to their preschool experience.

Did you know all children can receive 15 hours of free childcare the term after their third birthday, if you are a working parent you may be able to receive 30 hours, here is the link to see if you are eligible: 30 hours childcare offer – Parent info – Wiltshire Council.

The toddler group is now back up and running on a Friday morning in the hall from 9.45 and if you are free they would love for you to join them, it is a great chance to meet other local parents.

It is mental health day on Sunday we have been using our yoga breathing cards at preschool to help the children feel calm and talking about our feelings using the colour monster book and our puppet tucker turtle. Why don’t you try doing something just for you on Sunday set aside some time to do something that you enjoy and always remember we are here to support both your child and you so if you ever need any support please do let us know.

Have a lovely weekend

Kindest regards
Fliss and team

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