Weekly Newsletter – 1st October 2021

Dear parents/carers,

We hope you have had a lovely week.

At preschool we have enjoyed using action cards trying out different ways of moving around the garden, the children also really enjoyed dancing with ribbons and looking at Chinese dancing on the tablets. We also went on bug hunts, the children are particularly interested in finding worms so we will be making a wormery next week so we can look at them more closely.

We have seen some lovely healthy lunch boxes this week which has been fantastic, we are especially liking a new style of lunch box that some of the children have- ‘yum box’ , however i have looked these up and they are expensive if anyone knows a cheaper alternative it would be great to share with the group .

This week we have found that a lot of the toys were getting pulled out but not played with. It can be that having to many choices can be overwhelming and actually hinder play, so this week we laid out all of the toy baskets and asked the children to put a stamp by their top two choices, we will be using the children’s choices to cut back on the toys available and spending more time helping the children to engage in their play.

Next week at preschool we will be doing some den building, painting with different tools looking at the different marks they make, and sharing stories using this time to chat with the children extend their language. A great way you can do this at home is if your child says a sentence that is not quite correct don’t correct them simply repeat the correct word/sentence structure back or extent the sentence for example if the say ‘there’s a bear’ you may say ‘There’s a big brown bear’ or introduce a new descriptive word like huge/gigantic.

In our small groups we will be playing describe and find it- the children will have a selection of objects/animals in front of them and we will describe it, the children listen to the clues to decipher what abject/animal we are describing, the children can then take the lead and have a go at describing what they can see.
We will also be doing some still life drawing talking about what we can see and what marks we make to represent what we can see.

Please find this months ECAT letter attached- our book of the month is Dear zoo.
ECAT- activity- Talk to your child as they play, try not to ask too many questions, at preschool we try to use the rule-4 comments to every question this is less pressured for your child. When you ask questions try and make them open using words such as ‘who, when, what, how’.

We are now already looking at January spaces available. We do have sessions still available, if you would like to increase your hours then please let me know so i can save you a space before we advertise them out.

We will be holding a trip to the local forest school on Friday 5th November. Please see letter attached for more information.

Diary dates:
Wednesday 20th October- Staff training day (preschool closed)
Thursday 21st- Start of half term
Monday 1st November- Back to preschool
Friday 5th November- Forest school trip
Thursday 25th November Parents evening
CHRISTAMS PARTY- DEC date to be confirmed.

Have a lovely weekend
Kindest regards
Fliss and team

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