Weekly Newsletter – 10th September 2021

Dear Parents/carers,

What a great start we have had to the new term. It has been so lovely welcoming back and welcoming for the first time- this years group. 

They have all settled so well and are really enjoying being together. We have been enjoying sharing lots of stories, the children have been showing each other their great jumping skills and have already been doing some great sharing using the sand timers.In our small groups we have been playing ring games and name songs to get to know each other.

Next week we will be getting creative with some junk modelling so if you have any boxes, bottle tops tubs etc that you could donate that would be fantastic thank you. We will also be playing ball games in the garden and putting out some different story sacks for the children to explore.

In our small groups next week we will be looking at our story sacks more closely enjoying the stories and the activities that are inside each sack. In our small groups we also play a game each week from the letters and sounds programme which supports the children to listen to different sounds leading on to hearing different sounds in words (early reading skills). Next weeks game is called ‘Mrs Browning has a box’- inside the box are different sounds for the children to listen to and talk about.

Thank you so much for your snack donations this week, the snack basket will be by the gate so if you are able to pop a little something in each week/every other that would be great thank you.

Please could we ask that you label your child’s belongings particularly jackets, jumpers and bottles, thank you.

We are still collecting tombola prizes for our next fundraising event and really appreciate any bits and bobs you may have, it could be some unopened smellies, trinkets or a small box of chocolates or even wine! Thank you.

Each month we put out a ECAT (every child a talker) newsletter with our story of the month and in this weekly email we will have activities to try at home that will support your child’s language. This months ECAT letter is attached and our weekly activity is going on a texture hunt! see how many different items you can find with different textures and talk about how they feel- this could be done indoors or whilst out on a walk.

Have an amazing weekend, and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kindest regards

Fliss and team

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