Weekly Update – 7th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their questionnaires (It’s not to late if you haven’t), with the committee we will be collating your responses and seeing where we can make improvements.

This week the children have had a lovely time looking for birds, finding out more about them and loved hearing the different noises they make (with some great impressions especially of the peacock!). Of course they also loved making their bird feeders which led onto some great shape making using the pipe cleaners to make different shaped feeders.

The children have also been busy playing on the bikes (with some fantastic sharing), building in the garden, playing games including hide and seek, playing with the farm making up stories with the characters.

Next week we have a busy week – we will be putting out heart crafts on the art trolley, looking at clips of Chinese new year and making dragons.
We will also be looking at our well being, using the ‘colour monster’ book which explores feelings (please see ECAT newsletter). To go with this we will be making our own colour monsters using play dough and drawings, we have made some puppets for the children to play with and will be reading the story and sharing the colour monster song.

Our sound of the week will be P.

In our small groups we will be looking at rhyming words playing a game called ‘silly soup’ where we throw in items that rhyme repeating the words as we throw them in. Rhyming can be a fun activity to do at home and you can be as silly as you like try finding things that rhyme with their name (it doesn’t even have to be a real word!) if your child is not ready for this yet that’s fine you do the rhyming, just hearing it is the start of them hearing the patterns in the sounds of words.

Clothing collection is on Monday 8th February at 9am, don’t forget to bring any unwanted clothing and textiles!

Kindest regards,
Fliss and team

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