Weekly Newsletter – 24th September 2021

Dear Parents/carers,

I hope you have all had a great week, at preschool we have had some lovely walks around the village to explore what we can see and hear. The children have also enjoyed playing with the Numicon pattern boards and working together to build using a variety of construction toys.

A big thank you to Steve for purchasing a number of items from our Amazon wish list, the children have especially enjoyed using their new mud kitchen tools and drawing with the chalks and of course playing with the boxes with one child excitedly shouting “Yay we have new play boxes”!

Next week our activity for our invitation to play will be based around physical development- we will be encouraging the children to get their gross motor skills working with some vertical drawing, obstacle courses and yoga.

We will also be putting the dancing ribbons out for some music and movement, foam and letters on the tough spot and the children will be making their own playdough.

In our small group time we will be playing ‘which instrument?’ the children will need to listen carefully to identify which instruments the can hear, before having fun playing them. We will also be trying out some relaxation techniques using our yoga breathing cards.

We have some lovely healthy lunch boxes coming into preschool, just a little reminder that we do try to promote healthy eating for the children’s little bodies and teeth to thrive. We recommend a sandwich or alternative (pasta, crackers, wraps, etc.) Cheese and or yogurt, a piece of fruit (** GRAPES MUST BE CUT LENGTHWAYS TO AVOID CHOKING**), and if you would like one small healthy bar/cake. (Please don’t put sweets or chocolate bars in thank you.) We are more than happy to help with any ideas for special dietary requirements and more fussy eaters

Don’t forget to join us at the primary school for their 150 year celebration where we will be holding a tombola stall! A big thank you for all your lovely donations.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Kindest regards

Fliss and Team

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